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The Future of Data Quality is Here

Naveego's cloud-first data quality tool detects data problems in any data source, whether on-prem or in the cloud, and delivers meaningful insights that help you track and eliminate data quality issues for good.

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Manage Data Quality from the Cloud

Data Integration

Connect to your data sources in just minutes using Naveego's streamlined plugin architecture.


Issue Tracking & Validation

Organize and prioritize data quality issues you want to track by defining Rules. Rules allow you to track items such as severity, impact, classification, owner, and tags. Add Data Quality Checks to validate your data.


Automatically reveal, track, and mitigate data issues in the Data Quality Queue. Never lose sight of problem data again.

Data Analysis Toolset

Track data health using our built-in dashboard, or leverage our OData APIs to connect to your own best-of-breed data visualization tools. 

Naveego Data Quality Platform is the Ideal Tool for:

  • Data Analysts

  • BI Analysts

  • Database Developers

  • Web / App Developers

  • Data Engineers

  • Reporting & Analytics Analysts

  • Database Managers

  • Data Architects

Here are a few examples of how you can use the Naveego Data Quality Module:

Verify all SSNs are 9 digits long

Check for duplicate item codes in your inventory system

Validate your chart of accounts from your accounting software

Find deals that have closed, but never generated any revenue

Find inventory items that are on sale, but don't have a sale price

Confirm all inventory items have an item code that is X digits long

Verify all project end dates occur after the start date

Confirm that all customers with a close date are in "closed" status

Make sure a required field is always defined

Determine customers in your CRM who don't have an address

Validate all customers' ages are a positive number

Make sure that all support tickets are assigned to a queue


What is the Naveego Data Quality Platform?

The Naveego Data Quality Platform is a next-generation, cloud-first data quality solution that empowers users to clean up data across the entire enterprise through a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface.

How does the Naveego Data Quality Platform work?

The Naveego Data Quality Platform connects to any enterprise data source, whether on-prem or in the cloud, using custom plug-ins that know how to communicate with each individual source. Once connected, users can define business rules, schedule quality checks, manage clean-up workflows and track progress against data quality metrics.

How is the Naveego Data Quality Platform different than traditional data quality solutions?

Traditional data quality solutions are often part of larger on-premise installations that are expensive both to deploy and to maintain. Naveego's light-weight agent and plug-in architecture enables you to connect to all of your enterprise data sources from the cloud without having to write custom code or implement complex infrastructure changes. Best of all, the Naveego solution installs in minutes and is easy for business users to both understand and use.

Is Naveego Data Quality Platform secure and compliant?

The Naveego platform was built from the ground up with security in mind. Naveego's servers are hosted in state-of-the-art, commercial-grade data centers that meet the highest of security standards. Naveego takes great care when it comes to the security of your data. Each tenant's data is physically separated, sensitive data is properly encrypted, and only secured communications are allowed in and out of the platform.

Build confidence in your data quality within minutes, not weeks.

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