The Complete Data Accuracy Platform™

Your data is the core of your business. Naveego® helps you keep it trustworthy and accessible.


Find exactly what data you have, wherever it's stored—no digging required.


Find exactly what data you have, wherever it's stored—no digging required.

Pre-built plugins easily connect to all of your data sources, both on-prem and in the cloud.

Auto-profiling discovers which data lives inside your sources.


Machine learning ensures that all of your data is clean and usable, all the time.


Automatic, machine learning-driven data accuracy checks keep your data clean, and real-time health alerts keep you informed about your data's health.

Powerful integrations allow you to embed your data accuracy metrics directly into your existing dashboard (or, use Naveego®'s out-of-the-box reporting).


Every entry, in every source, up-to-date.


Leverage machine learning to automatically find and collate data across all of your sources, establishing your master Golden Record.

Write your Golden Record back to your sources to unify all your data, ensuring enterprise-wide consistency.


Clean, accurate data for every downstream application.


Feed clean, accurate data to all your machine learning, AI, and analytic workloads, without wasting a data scientist's time.

Use Naveego®'s Golden-Record-as-a-Service™ (GRaaS™) to make your data accessible to every member of your organization.

Are you Ready for Complete Data Accuracy™