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Our mission

Naveego is a platform to fix data accuracy problems, and monitor and verify data in real-time to produce actionable business information accessible for decision-makers in a consolidated central portal that reveals overall impacts of data problems across an organization and manages data clean-up.

Business Data. Remastered.

Enterprises in every industry face an exceptionally difficult challenge: establishing and maintaining data quality. Even though data is central to all business processes, decisions and customer interactions, many organizations make the mistake of accepting “accurate enough” data when faced with the task. But as the Digital Transformation has organizations rapidly embracing cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures, this shortcut is no longer acceptable. Today’s enterprises need a way manage the quality of their data across this new disparate data landscape.

Complete Data Accuracy

Unlike yesterday’s data quality solutions, we set ourselves apart with our unique approach to establishing trust in the accuracy of enterprise data. Our business process and rules-centric approach allow us to analyze and monitor your organization’s data even when it is in production systems.

Naveego’s platform provides a simple, cost-effective solution for identifying missing or problem data. What’s more, our intuitive dashboard, queuing tools, and scalability make it painless to manage the ongoing data quality process, integrating all your data sets within minutes—not days, weeks, or months.

Naveego’s complete data accuracy platform manages any type of data in real-time.

About Naveego

Naveego has been remastering business data as a trusted provider of data quality and master data management technology since 2012. Using four simple steps —Connect, Trust, Optimize, Sync—we give organizations the ability to ensure that their data is accurate, consistent and of high quality, enabling a new competitive advantage.

Casey Cowell (Co-Founder of U.S. Robotics) explains how the Naveego Complete
Data Accuracy platform will disrupt the Data Quality market

Leadership Team

Our leadership team includes experts with over 20 years of delivering technology solutions, data integration, master data management, and web application architecture.

Katie Horvath - CEO

Katie Horvath 



Derek Smith 

CTO & Co-founder


Don Milner 

VP Sales & Marketing

Board of Directors

Kevin Bozung - Co-founder and Chairman

Kevin Bozung 

Chairman & Co-founder

Beth Holmes-Bozung

Beth Holmes-Bozung 

Director & Co-founder


Lowell Gruman 


George Cochran

George Cochran 


Our Advisors


William (BJ) Cummings 

Oil & Gas / Energy

Michael Ger

Michael Ger 

Big Data / Hadoop / Automotive

Mike Carey - Atlas Space

Mike Carey 

Government Contracts
Atlas Space Operations

Our Investors

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