Pipeline Insanity Vol. 3

By Katie Horvath on 11-Oct-2020

Imagine that you are in charge of a hospital’s ICU isolation ward. You need to make sure that air is properly vented with an exhaust system to prevent spread of deadly infectious disease to the rest of the hospital. Do you tell the ICU providers to find items on the ward and stick them together with surgical tape to make ventilation system pipes? Hopefully it works.... Taking their time and attention away from their main focus – critical healthcare – to build a pipe, is the definition of pipeline insanity.

Of course you will instead install an professionally made secure exhaust pipeline system while your healthcare team is busy saving lives. So….why do you treat your data with pipeline insanity? Why ask your data scientists to try to find and glue data together when you can instead install Naveego’s expertly built integration platform in minutes and have analytics-ready data now?

Naveego has spent 10’s of 1,000’s of hours developing a secure data integration and wrangling platform to solve your data fragmentation and accuracy problems, so that your team doesn’t have to. This is Naveego’s main business – not an afterthought. The Naveego® pipeline connects all of your data sources and automatically creates consistent analytics-ready data in real time. Your data scientists can get straight to the analytics you hired them to do. Don’t give in to pipeline insanity. Just point-and-click to install the Naveego® solution and let your data scientists work on analytics today.

About Katie Horvath, President and CEO of Naveego

Katie is a former IP attorney at Microsoft, and leverages her Silicon Valley background and industrial engineering skills, for start-up scaling and growth. She has been recognized at U.S. Congress as a business leader for innovative business models.