Pipeline Insanity Vol. 1

By Katie Horvath on 11-Oct-2020

You come home and find water pouring out of your ceiling, the ceiling light fixtures, even the light switch wall plates. A highly skilled pricey plumber arrives on the scene. He confirms that you have a pipeline problem. He says that he needs to find his blow torch, scraps of copper and PVC to start making the pipes, and that only then will he be able to fix your leak.

Are you going to wait for him to manufacture pipes -- instead of installing already made pipes to fix your leak? No! This is the definition of pipeline insanity. So…. why would you treat your data like this? Why hire highly skilled pricey labor to build data pipelines for 12 to 18 months before you can use them when you can instead install Naveego’s pre-built pipeline in minutes and use your data now?

As data pools in various places around your company, left in silos, inconsistent and with poor quality, you are losing. Naveego has spent 10’s of 1,000’s of hours developing a secure data integration and wrangling platform to solve your data fragmentation and accuracy problems. The Naveego® pipeline connects all of your data sources and automatically creates consistent analytics-ready data in real time. Don’t give in to pipeline insanity. Just point-and-click to install the Naveego® solution and use your data today.

About Katie Horvath, President and CEO of Naveego

Katie is a former IP attorney at Microsoft, and leverages her Silicon Valley background and industrial engineering skills, for start-up scaling and growth. She has been recognized at U.S. Congress as a business leader for innovative business models.