Riding The Wave

By Katie Horvath on 27-Mar-2020

In this time of uncertainty, global crises and evolving change, we are thankful that Naveego is able to move to 100% ‘work from home’ to keep our team and communities safe, without impacting our ability to provide customers accurate data for mission-critical decision-making.

We are fortunate to be in an industry where our day-to-day operations have imbedded technologies and communication channels set up for a remote workforce. This pandemic is a fluid situation, as reflected in our roller coaster financial markets and daily updates and directives from our government leaders. In order to make the best decisions for your business, particularly during quickly changing circumstances, you need your business data to be accurate across your enterprise in real time. We are humbled that Naveego’s technology is saving businesses, jobs, and even lives. We thank our customers for relying on Naveego for trusted data.

Stay safe everyone.

About Katie Horvath, President and CEO of Naveego

Katie is a former IP attorney at Microsoft, and leverages her Silicon Valley background and industrial engineering skills, for start-up scaling and growth. She has been recognized at U.S. Congress as a business leader for innovative business models.