Manufacturing Use Cases

By Don Milner on 27-Sep-2018

Top 3 Challenges

Top 3 Challenges

  1. Reducing scrap due to processing of bad data
  2. Reducing product rework due to inaccurate build information and bad parts
  3. Reducing the amount of data the data scientists need to review, so they can provide accurate information to the plants


Solution Description from Naveego

The Naveego solution is designed cloud first, so customers can rapidly deploy and realize business benefits, resulting in a much faster time to value than that of complex systems built many years ago for companies with large IT budgets and the luxury of long timelines. In today’s world of the digital experience, you cannot wait for results or expensive solutions. The solution should be very easy to use and at a very affordable price, leveraging the cloud and economies of scale, so you spend more time providing accurate data for both short-term and long-term savings while having a positive impact on your company’s revenue growth. We offer provisioning in minutes with no infrastructure costs, at an affordable monthly subscription rate and with no vendor lock-in (by providing open APIs).


Business Benefits

Naveego can help reduce scrap by 40-50 percent, resulting in savings in the billions.

Naveego can provide an immediate savings of $20M by verifying and cleaning the bad data in the environment, which is an ROI of 800 percent.

Naveego can reduce the amount of data scientists review by 40-50 percent, so they can meet their SLAs for internal customers, resulting in accurate information supplied to manufacturing.

The other two storyboards don't have this phrase at the beginning of the business benefits.