All your data, together at last

Naveego Sync™ connects cloud and on-premises data sources across your organization within minutes, giving you the information you need to make the right decisions.

Connect disparate data sources with naveego in minutes

Data quality confidence

The quality of your data is at the core of any business decision. Based on your defined rules, Naveego will identify problem data, automatically track it, and store it in your Data Quality Queue. Never lose sight of problem data again.
Verify your data quality and accuracy with Naveego DQS

Verify your data quality within minutes with Naveego DQS

Align data from multiple systems

Intelligent data matching software - resolve human data errors

Intelligent data matching

Naveego mitigates human error by detecting related data from multiple systems and combining it into one clean, master set.

Simplify complex data imports with Naveego's Data Importer

Streamlined data imports

Import and push external data to multiple systems across your organization through one centralized process.

Make sense of everything

Visualize your data within functional, intuitive dashboards. Spend seconds versus hours uncovering and sharing the trends and opportunities that will move your business forward.

Your data is safe with us

We're obsessed with security. Our servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art, industry-leading data center which means that your data is securely stored, encrypted, and redundant.

Naveego secures data using highest industry standards of data encryption

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