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Take Control of Your Data Quality, Right Now

Naveego's cloud-based, data quality tool detects problem data and delivers meaningful insights that help you track and eliminate data quality issues for good.

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Featured In:

Manage Data Quality from the Cloud

Data Integration

Connect to resources on your local network within minutes. Then easily add your data source(s).

  •   Microsoft SQL Server
  •   MySQL
  •   Oracle
  •   ODBC


*Coming soon: REST API

Issue Tracking & Validation

Organize and prioritize data quality issues you want to track by defining Rules. Rules allow you to track items such as severity, impact, classification, owner, and tags. Add Data Quality Checks to validate your data.


Automatically reveal, track, and mitigate data issues in the Data Quality Queue. Never lose sight of problem data again.

Dashboard & Analytics

Your data is made visual through a simple dashboard, helping you and your team track and report on overall quality and health.

Naveego DQS is the Ideal Data Quality Tool for:

  • Data Analysts

  • Web / App Developers

  • Database Developers

  • BI Analysts

  • Data Quality Engineers

  • Reporting & Analytics Analysts

  • Database Managers

  • Programmers

Here are a few examples of how you can use Naveego DQS:

Verify all SSNs are 9 digits long

Check for duplicate item codes in your inventory system

Validate your chart of accounts from your accounting software

Find deals that have closed, but never generated any revenue

Find inventory items that are on sale, but don't have a sale price

Confirm all inventory items have an item code that is X digits long

Identify vendors missing W9's

Duplicate vendors in the system

Verify product codes do not use special characters

Identify active vendors who have had no activity in 12 months

Find transactions that are outside of a specific range for review

Verify all project end dates occur after the start date

Confirm that all customers with a close date have a status of "closed"

Make sure a required field is always defined

Determine customers in your CRM who don't have an address

Validate all customers' ages are a positive number

Make sure that all support tickets are assigned to a queue

Verify all active products have a product description

Verify all product codes conform with a specific numbering convention

Find projects that are active with costs exceeding the project budget

Verify the trial balance ties between the ERP and data warehouse

Find active vendors without a service agreement on file


What is Naveego DQS?

Naveego DQS is a new, easy way to track, analyze, and monitor the quality of the data you use every day to make critical business decisions -- all in one, centralized tool. You will spend less time fighting data quality issues and more time building data you can actually trust.

How is this different than other data quality software?

Existing data quality solutions are part of larger on-premises systems that are expensive to deploy and maintain. They often require additional infrastructure, which means more management and overhead. Naveego DQS' proprietary Sync technology allows you access to your on-premises databases from the cloud without requiring you to make any network changes.

Is Naveego DQS secure and compliant?

The Naveego platform was built from the ground up with security in mind. Naveego's servers are hosted in state-of-the-art data centers that meet the highest of security standards. Naveego takes great care when it comes to the security of your data. Each businesses' database is physically separated, sensitive data encrypted, and only secured communications are allowed in and out of the platform.

Who is behind Naveego DQS?

Naveego is headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan, and has been delivering Master Data Management (MDM), Data Integration, and Business Intelligence solutions to customers for over 5 years. The Naveego platform was originally developed as part of a local technology company. It was later spun off to form Naveego, Inc. Our founding team includes experts with over 20 years of delivering technology solutions, data integration, master data management, and web application architecture. Derek Smith has designed the Naveego platform from the ground up and has been leading the company since 2014.

Build confidence in your data quality within minutes, not weeks.

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