About Naveego

Naveego is headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan, and has been delivering Master Data Management (MDM), Data Integration, and Business Intelligence solutions to customers for over 5 years.

Our mission & vision

We believe companies perform best when they are able to use best-of-breed applications for each function of their business. We see a world where data moves freely between these applications, regardless of where it lives. By creating this ecosystem of data, a company is able to provide clean and trustworthy information to its users, when and where they need it.

Core tenets

Naveego Tenet | Love data a little too much

Love data a little too much

"Talk data to me." It is borderline obsessive, but we can't get enough data. We love to mix it, match it, move it, clean it, compress it, analyze it, and put it in buckets.

Naveego Tenet | Drive change

Drive change

We believe things can always be better. We are always tinkering with new ideas and trying to improve the way things are done.

Naveego Tenet | Customer engagement above all

Customer engagement above all

At the end of the day, it is our customer that needs to get the most out of their data. They know what they need to perform better, and we want to help them get there.

Naveego Tenet | Our partners are the industry experts

Our partners are the industry experts

We know how to build a great tool, but our partners know how to use it to tackle the data needs of their industry. Our partners know every detail about how their customers operate and what they need to succeed.

Naveego Tenet | Have fun

Have fun!

Life is too short to not have fun. So, we like to get a little crazy from time to time and throw on some Hawaiian shirts. It is impossible not to have fun in one of those.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team includes experts with over 20 years of delivering technology solutions, data integration, master data management, and web application architecture.


Derek Smith

Co-Founder & CEO


Mike Dominick

Chief Product Officer (CPO) / VP of Partner Success


Sean Cavanaugh

Director of Sales

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