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Accurate Dashboards Start With Clean Data.

A simple, cloud-based platform that allows you to deliver accurate dashboards by taking a bottom-up approach to data quality and exception management.

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All of your business data in one place



Validate and monitor everything



A single version of the truth



Consistency across the enterprise

Casey Cowell (Co-Founder of U.S. Robotics) shares his thoughts about
Naveego's game changing technology.

Validate, Track, and Monitor Your Core Business Processes

Connect to your Applications: On-Premises or in the Cloud, Naveego can connect to your data.
Data Quality Rules: Define the Business Rule
Create a Data Quality Check: Build fast quality checks to assess underlying issues in processes, reports, or compliance.
Prioritize and Resolve: A central location for users to manage the data quality issues they have been assigned ownership.
Data Quality Dashboard: View, analyze, and build transparency in the quality of critical reports, business processes, and systems.

"Naveego’s software and Akinnovate’s technical and business knowledge create a powerful combination, greatly enhancing our service offering in the areas of data quality and business intelligence."

Staffan Wassvik, Chief Operations Officer at Akinnovate

“Naveego’s best-of-breed business intelligence platform addresses the critical challenge of integrating data from acquired assets into core financial and production systems, head-on."​

William Cummings, Executive Director of EnerHub at Stonebridge Consulting

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84% of interviewed CEOs are concerned about data quality. If you feel the same,
Naveego can help you trust your data again.
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